Syndicate Solutions was started by a group of like-minded business people who saw a need in the capital raising market that was currently not being met.

VC firms were hungry for solid projects, there were numerous great ventures out there but the two were never getting to meet.

The reasons are numerous, but boil down to one critical factor – there are too many projects for VC firms to be able to assess them all. Unfortunately the sheer volume of projects resulted in most VC firms automatically rejecting all unsolicited enquiries.

Having numerous contacts within the industry, Syndicate Solutions is now here to bridge the gap. Given our business start-up background, VC firms have confidence that when we present a project to them, we are not wasting their time, and when they access our database they are able to hone in quickly on the projects relevant to them.

So what are you waiting for? Take the first step in funding your business and join now.