Private Equity is at the high end of the capital raising spectrum.

Private Equity firms are usually heavy hitters and don’t look at small plays.

Private Equity will also occasionally invest to get a return, rather than looking at growth exits.

If you are considering Private Equity you have a well-established company with a strong track record that is looking at a growth move, usually either through acquisition or IPO.

The Private Equity firm can bring a lot of expertise and strength to the process.

To get in touch with Private Equity firms we would suggest going through either a top tier accounting firm or a large stockbroking firm, both of which can highlight for you what you might need to work on to attract Private Equity interest.

While Syndicate Solutions does not deal in the Private Equity space we have numerous contacts within the top tier accounting firms and at a high level within stockbroking firms and would be more than happy under the right circumstances to refer you on. In your application please make it clear that you are seeking Private Equity involvement.